Corporate Gobernance


Pol. Ind. Riera Fonollar C/ Joventut, 23
08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona)

Pol. Ind. Mas Mateu C/ de l’Om, 15
08820 El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona)
Tel.: + 34 934 787 600
Fax: + 34 934 787 296 / + 34 934 788 051

Letter from the Head of Compliance

Dear colleagues and partners,

The Company Governing Board is responsible for designing strategy and approving Corporate Policies. As part of this responsibility it has implemented a Model for Prevention of Crimes and a Model for Corporate Conduct, to send a message of firm opposition to any illegal action by executives, employees or third parties related to the company, and to highlight the Company’s commitment to fighting them and preventing harm to its image and reputation.

To this purpose a group of measures was implemented aimed at preventing, detecting and reacting to possible crimes (committed within the company and for its direct or indirect benefit) and I have been appointed as the person in charge of criminal prevention. To notify me of any fraud or illegal activity that you become aware of you can contact me through the reporting channel set up on the company intranet, by filling in the forms available to this purpose, or by ordinary post sent to the company’s address, marked for my attention.

No retaliation will be accepted against those employees who in good faith report alleged violations. The company will penalise any illegal action in accordance with current labour laws, notwithstanding any other liabilities that may be incurred.

Jesús García Nieto
Compliance Officer